Integrative Medicine & Personalised Health
An Experiential Journey

World Class Speakers. Pioneering Conversations. Lived Experiences. Social Networking.
Advanced Learning. Personal Connection. Professional Engagement.

AIMA leads and facilitates the development of integrative medical care as
being core to the health and wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole.

The Conference, April 14-15


working together | supporting practitioners | empowering patients | encouraging innovation

Auckland University of Technology
Sir Paul Reeves Building
Governor Fitzroy Place
Auckland 1010

Ticket Prices

*Early Bird (until 1st Jan 2018)*

AIMA member $350

Non-member $400

*Regular Price Ticket*

Member $400

Non-member $450

Conference Streams

Personalised Medicine: the science and your practice
Working Together: making integrated care teams a reality
Medicinal Cannabis: the NZ and Australian landscapes
Advocacy: prepare, protect and thrive as an IM Doctor

Speakers Include

Dr Bruce Lipton   I   Dr Denise Furness
Professor Stephen Myers   I   Justin Sinclair
Nicole Bijlsma   I   Carolyn Ledowsky
Matt Riemann   I   Dr Penny Caldicott

The Future of Humanity

  • Changing Paradigms
  • Predicting the Future
  • Collaborative Action


The Science of Spirituality

  • Body:Mind:Spirit – Concepts, Philosophies & Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics & Resonant Contribution Frequency


The Human Experience

  • Spiritual Purpose v Biological Capacity
  • Biotypology & Biological Flow state
  • Personalised Language Communications



  • Uniqueness & Collaboration
  • A Collective Contribution Society
  • 2050 in 2018: Tomorrow, We Live the Future

Personalised Flow morning

  • Variable biotype activity classes
  • Variable sleep-in experiences (eg. lucid dreaming)
  • Variable breakfast food times

Genius FLOWjects

  • Facilitated “FLOWjects”
  • Self directed learning stations
  • Alternative breakout groups

Long Lunch

  • Personalised meal plans
  • Group connection and shared curiosity sessions
  • Facilitated discussion

Personalized Adventures

  • Mindfulness activities
  • Deep & Meaningful facilitated discussions
  • Future planning for HumanityX
  • Offsite adventures
  • Onsite obstacle course
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Tangibles creation for takeaway
  • Luxury & pleasure
  • Relaxation tour options
  • World health creations

Workshop Conclusion

The Retreat, April 11-13

Personalised Health: a lived experience

Epigenetics, ancient wisdom, modern science and emerging technology. Map
your phenotype and explore and experience your biotype with experienced
practitioners including Matt Riemann, Professor Stephen Myers, Dr Tim Ewer and Dr Cameron McDonald.

4 Bay Road
Palm Beach
Waiheke Island

Your personalised Health Retreat Experience includes:

  • 2 full nights accommodation at WAIHEKE ISLAND RESORT
  • All meals catered and customised to your body
  • All personalised workshops, group sessions and activities
  • 1 year membership to personalised health platform to continue your after care
Ticket Prices

*Early Bird (until 1st Jan 2018)*

AIMA member $997

Non-member $1097

*Regular Price Ticket*

Member $1097

Non-member $1197

Since its inception in 1992 AIMA has grown to be the leading voice for integrative medicine in Australasia, building a vibrant community which is united, recognised, supported, informed and connected.
Come and join us to be informed, nurtured and nourished while experiencing a personalised approach to your health and wellbeing. Take home a new way to individualise your patient care.

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The Experience

Highlights from previous AIMA events

Join the momentum

The AIMA Conference, April 14-15 2018

The AIMA Personalised Health Retreat, April 11-13 2018


The Retreat is sponsored by Ph360.  For information on AIMA’s sponsorship policy click here